Industry avenue + community garden

A large-scale manufacturing facility provides space for refugees to get connected with Germany’s apprenticeship programs. As Essen’s green technology sector grows refugees will play a valuable part in the process. Smaller workshops provide space for refugees to make and sell goods along the site’s primary commercial axis.

A community garden is located above the manufacturing facility. Here, residents have the opportunity to grow some of their own food for sale or consumption. Access to quality food is vital for establishing roots in a new homeland. Growing a small plot allows refugees to be more self-reliant and provides resilience in times of uncertainty.


A childcare facility run by refugees as a service to their community is located in close proximity to RS1. Commuters along the path now have a place to drop off their children as they ride to work. As refugees living on site establish themselves and find jobs off site, the facility provides a convenient and safe place to send the kids—providing peace of mind while they are at work. The daycare is a place where children can make friends from different cultures and backgrounds, with hopes of setting the stage for a future of coexistence. The grounds of the facility offer a fun space for the neighborhood to bring their children on weekends and evenings.

The oasis

Located between the existing housing block and new construction is a quiet and secluded space for residents to gather for private and shared events. Three community rooms located along the perimeter provide amenities for fun and relaxation. Full service kitchens and multipurpose spaces make it easy to gather with family and friends. Winding around the edge of the rolling green is a small bike path for children to ride in safety, away from the dangers of the busy street.
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